Suzannah Kinsella_w2Suzannah has recently joined Community Research as an Associate. She is an expert in designing engagement and dialogue that bring issues to life and help people influence decisions constructively.

Her work has involved people in decisions about the use of health data, the ethics of organ donation, the siting of nuclear power stations, changes to NHS services, mitigating the impacts of high speed rail and the impacts of the Care Act on local authorities and care providers.

Suzannah was previously Head of Public Engagement at the consultancy Office for Public Management (OPM) and Head of Engagement at the Central Office of Information (COI). As part of COI’s behaviour change team, she also developed a strong interest in behavioural insight and its implications for how we make decisions.

Before working in public engagement, Suzannah was a consumer insight and strategic communications planner in both Canada and the UK with clients such as Unilever and Kraft Foods.

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