Using Research EvidenceWe have seen some useful free consultation and research resources recently, so we wanted to share them with you:

1) Nesta and the Alliance for Useful Evidence has produced a new guide Using research evidence – a practice guide. The publication has been designed to help improve the way people work by using evidence effectively.

2) Sciencewise has:

  • Recently piloted its Sounding Board tool which is used to gain rapid public input on challenging issues involving science and technology.
  • Piloted an event to understand whether one-off, public workshops could be a way of delivering useful information to policymakers, while also raising awareness of key issues.
  • Signposted a number of resources for people looking to gather views on policy issues.

3) The Independent Consultants Group (ICG), which we are members of, has launched a free service ‘Ask an expert‘ where you can send your research question to them and they will ask one of their members to respond within three days.

Do you have any tools you’d like to share? Do comment below or contact us.

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