We’re delighted to have been selected to run Ofgem’s (the gas and electricity regulator) Consumer First Panel through to 2017. The Panel has been running for 7 previous years and has been the flagship project within Ofgem’s Consumer First initiative. It comprises eighty everyday domestic customers recruited from four locations across Britain. The panel meets regularly to discuss key issues impacting on their participation in the energy market, as well as other topics related to energy. We have been appointed to recruit this year’s panel and run the regular panel sessions, with some further panel work taking place via an online portal.

The first set of workshops happened in August and September and examined consumers’ responses to the Competition and Markets’ Authority’s (CMA) report, following its investigations into the energy market.

The Consumer First Panel workshops used a deliberative workshop approach to understand consumers’ informed views about one of the CMA’s specific suggested remedies to get consumers more engaged in the energy market. We will keep share the published findings from our work with the Consumer First Panel when they are available.

Image: Nick Page

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