With many clients in the regulation sector, we know how seriously they have to take public engagement, both for understanding the needs of the audiences they are there to protect as well as for the development of policy and communications. So we read with interest an article from the Brookings Institution (a US based nonprofit public policy organisation) that reflects on a new paper ‘Power to the People: A New Trend in Regulation‘ by Robert Hahn, Robert Metcalfe and Florian Rundhammer’ which looks at customer engagement by regulators. They include 2 case studies from the UK too… Continue reading

We know from our own work that there are many ways you can seek feedback. We share below three different approaches to collecting feedback – could they inspire your next research and consultation project?

1) Using Lego to solve a university’s timetable challenges

The University of the Arts in London used Lego to help gather feedback on its timetabling issues. The staff group were joined by a ‘Lego Serious Play’ facilitator, who helped them to use Lego to look at their timetable issues from the perspective of all stakeholders.

2) Using Minecraft as a planning and visualisation tool

Dundee… Continue reading

At Community Research we are increasingly being asked by clients to help them to evaluate their websites as part of a process of re-design. Gathering feedback from current users and the wider target audience is vital if you want to make improvements that will work. There are a number of methods that can be used and we wanted to share them with you.

Focus groups

Focus groups are an ideal environment in which to explore desired content and functionality. Stimulus material can include the client site, known competitor or peer sites and sites suggested by respondents as having useful content… Continue reading

Dudley_wThe process of setting up the successful Vanguard Project (an NHS improvement programme) in Dudley has highlighted that there is a fundamental question to answer about what people want and value about ‘access’ in relation to primary health care services.

GP feedback

Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has evidence from the GP ‘friends and family test’ indicating that the majority of patients would recommend their surgery. Results from the GP Patient Survey for Dudley CCG area are also in the same ballpark as for England as a whole. However, previous research has highlighted that satisfaction levels are higher for those… Continue reading

As researchers, we spend our lives asking questions. We are skilled at framing questions in the right way to elicit answers that will help our clients to understand the communities they serve. Recently however times have changed and many conversations that are relevant to client organisations are going on without any such input or direction. Communities are now having their own conversations and it is vital that we learn what we can from these less orchestrated data sources.

I am talking of course of social media. We recently undertook a qualitative analysis of social media conversations on behalf of a… Continue reading

Kate Waller_wWe’re very pleased to announce that Kate Waller has joined us the Community Research team. Kate is a former colleague from our Opinion Leader days and brings extensive public and private sector research experience.

Her first job was researching carpets for the Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce. Other roles she has undertaken during her career include four years working on various qualitative and quantitative consumer projects for Hauck Research and working on the customer insight team at systems consultancy Detica. Her time at Detica introduced her into the world of local government when she worked closely with Westminster City Council… Continue reading

Back in March this year, we attended a  Sciencewise (the UK’s national centre for public dialogue in policy making involving science and technology issues) workshop. The session was for research practioners and covered its new framework for assessing the quality of public dialogue in public policy making. The debate was driven partly by the findings from evaluations of public dialogue projects supported by Sciencewise. These have identified specific questions about the rigour and quality of dialogue processes, and the implications of those questions for the extent to which dialogue results can be used with confidence to inform public… Continue reading

As professional regulator, the General Dental Council (GDC) has a duty to encourage dental professionals to raise concerns where they have witnessed something that they believe poses a risk to patients. The Report into the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry (the ‘Francis Report’) highlighted numerous issues relating to the provision of health services, not least the fact that taking the decision to raise a concern in the workplace is often a difficult one, which may impact on health professionals’ personal and professional lives. One objective of the GDC’s response to the Francis Report was to review its guidance… Continue reading